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Child Marriage - Kewlz - 04-07-2012

Though India is a developing country, it has a rule against child marriage there are many rural places in my country whom support Child Marriage. It's considered as a ritual here. The government claims they irradiated Child Marriage but some people still follows there customs.

Child Marriage is bad for both is children as early pregnancy can be very harmful for girl child, it can also kill her.

What do you think about this topic?
Does your country have practices like this?

RE: Child Marriage - Omniscient - 04-07-2012

What age you do mean by "child"?

RE: Child Marriage - Kewlz - 04-07-2012

Getting married before the legal age.
Here use legal age of marriage is
18 for girls
21 for guys.

But people force them to marry at age of 7-16

RE: Child Marriage - Omniscient - 04-07-2012

I think per-pubescent children should not be engaged in sex or marriage in any form. Unsure who you're going to say otherwise. Technically that's pedophilia. Please don't spend all day quoting Wikipedia for discussions. Surely you can make statements of your own.

RE: Child Marriage - Kewlz - 04-07-2012

I'm sorry for that.

People here force their children to have sex.
In this case both boy and girl are minors, they can't refuse their parents.

RE: Child Marriage - Omniscient - 04-08-2012

And they don't go to jail for it? In America you'd not only go to jail but you'd likely get killed while in jail.

RE: Child Marriage - Kewlz - 04-08-2012

It's against the rules though.
It is practised in remote villages now.
The percentage of these things happening now is low.

RE: Child Marriage - BreShiE - 04-08-2012

I believe sexual acts which involves anyone under 16 is wrong, especially if their partner is older. I'd say 14 year old's are fine to have relationships with each other, not too much older (14-16), as their bodies mainly start to develop then, but I still believe there should be no sexual acts between them. One of my old-old friends had a relationship with a 13 year old (he was 17 at the time) and I told him straight to his face "Do not ever have sex with her, that's just f*cked up" and he promised me he wouldn't. Then I saw him again a few weeks later and he told me he took her virginity, I got pissed off and wanted to report him, I don't agree with that at all. He told me she asked him, but that's no excuse.

RE: Child Marriage - Gray. - 04-12-2012

I don't think child marriage should be legal anywhere, because a child should not think about its future, but just have fun and grow up. It's when you're grown up you should think about your future, what you want to become and when that time come you can think about marriage, having kids etc. but not while you're a child. A child should be taken care of by adults, not by a child. What do I mean with that? If child marriage was legal, then most likely a lot more childs would be pregnant and it would just lead to a society of childs, which will eventually not have ANY positive effects. I'm aware that some people are saying that age does not determine love, but when you're a child you do not know what real love is other than the love you have against your family and they have against you.

RE: Child Marriage - Kewlz - 04-12-2012

It's not legal in India mate.
But some culprits of our society do it in name of Religion.