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BIOFUELS may come from PONGAMIA, HEMP, ALGAE, or SWITCHGRASS: - bobgnote - 09-02-2012

We don't even know how much biofuel we can produce, in the US and around the world, yet.

For cultivation on semi-arable or even non-arable land, we are developing SWITCHGRASS, in the US, to be processed into ethanol, with ULTRASOUND:





So GW Bush was promoting switchgrass, during his administration. I guess old President Obamney didn't copy those Republicans as much, relative to biofuels and the environment, but he sure can order death from above!

Also, President Obamney smoked as much kine, as Washington or Jefferson, or almost as much.

But could President Obamney lay off the inflated costs of healthcare and private insurance scams, on top of inflation, or just do single-payer government healthcare? NOOOOOO!

And President Obamney squandered the Democratic majority in the US House, of 2008, by 2010.

But did Mr.Obamney re-legalize marijuana or INDUSTRIAL HEMP, like Jimmy Carter seemed to often run by other Democrats, with no luck, at all? NOOOOOO!

Hemp has been illegal, in the US, since FDR and the Democrats and whoever of 1938 sold out, to Andrew Mellon and W.R.Hearst, who had timber and fossil fuel interests, so the Hemp Stamp Tax Act of 1938 was passed, and FDR signed it, in 15 lousy minutes.

When the HSTA was declared unconstitutional, two years after US peak oil production, in 1972, Nixon founded the DEA. Democrats have copied stonewalling, but they never got past Jimmy Carter's "maybe," about industrial hemp or legalizing marijuana, and presumably industrial hemp.

That only lets us have a resource, which yields an estimated 25,000 market-leading products! That only swings a costly contraband item, with a massive enforcement-related carbon footprint, to a valuable resource, which improves the tax base, of any economy!

Legalization of hemp should have happened, after the HSTA was suspended, for WWII, since hemp provided valuable war resources, since circumvented, by petroleum products or foreign out-sourcing. But nooooo! Hemp was made illegal, in the 1930s, just as a processing machine was introduced, which was profiled, in Popular Science.

Hemp WAS about to become the #1 cash crop in the US and around the world. But then W.R. Hearst and other Heartland-types got up a reefer madness campaign, and the Democrats sold out, then and since. As for pubs, they like fossil fuels, which pollute, or nukes, which have cost over-runs in hundreds of millions, or lately, in many BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

And who trusts any Republican fake-scientists, to keep media SAFE, which needs to be cleverly handled, not cunningly, which is a pub specialization, and then cleverly chilled, for 10,000 years, after it is de-commissioned, and you shouldn't just go touch this junk, even then?

So Democrats and Republicans in the US and their ilk, around the world are calling shots, so gangs and cartels and turf are running in all directions.

But if we get legal HEMP, we could have a resource, for food, fuels, building materials including indestructible plastic and light, termite-proof bricks, paper, rope, accessories, and a TAX BASE, instead of trouble, trouble, and MORE TROUBLE:






There's a crazy guy on the internet, with a page, which I left out, since he counsels to make biodiesel, by BUYING ethanol, on the market, to use, with your hemp seed oil, which is a food oil, superior to ANY OTHER FOOD OIL, in EFA content, including flax, fish, krill, etc.

Like I said, hemp yields 25,000 products, so we need it, in crop rotation, since it leeches fields, which have been salted up, with too much fertilizer. Grow any CORN? Then you know about this.

Farmers need to rotate hemp and switchgrass, over fields, in rotation, since hemp leeches pollution, and switchgrass covers. Of course, you can't find too many Democrats or Republicans who want to do more, than argue over subsidies or removal of subsidies, for crops, like CORN.

Al Gore has a big old farm, but will he go for legal pot? Nope. He is for carbon credits, which is like playing with coupons and price hikes, for admission, to a pest-hole of a gay bath-house.

Then along come the Republicans, and their fracking, which the bath-house Democrats allow, since frackers are like meth dealers, claiming their crank doesn't pass the HIV into a deadly AIDS epidemic, as fast as other speed does. Uh-huh! It seems D-rats and pubs are buddy-buddies.

Also, ALGAE is starting up, in the US and around the world. We have our first algae farm, in New Mexico, and more:




Algae were first explored as a fuel alternative in 1978 under President Jimmy Carter. Gas prices had skyrocketed, lines at the pump were endless, and the government was looking to help ease the crisis. The Aquatic Species Program run by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, researched high oil-output algae for biofuel. After testing more than 3,000 types of algae, the program concluded that the high-yielding plant, if produced in large enough amounts, could replace fossil fuels for home heating and transportation purposes.

JIMMY EARLE CARTER! Doink! Why don't the D-rats put him on 'roids, and get us a REAL President, any day now, instead of fluffing the pubs, by copying Obamneycare, in such a way, as to pass a lot of inflationary costs? Bill Clinton signed deregulation of energy, banks, and courts, and the D-rat faithful pay him like a Ho-daddy, for lectures and geeking. Go D-rats. Hippity-hop, for President. Whoop.

Don't D-rats know doctors and lawyers have been SCAMMING, since somebody let all the grunts in creation into the US, to bubble up the real estate and private prisons? Let somebody OUT, D-rats!










Israel! That tiny, Zionist, fascist, racist hegemon, trying to start WWIII, while owning the US and all the politicians and media, therein? And the US guarantees its military AND its oil supply?

Good on Israel, for getting to algae development. Now quit bulldozing and waving nukes.

With the Aussie PONGAMIA TREE, US biofuels are moving right along, so IF we had legal hemp, already, since the 1930s, instead of years of gangland games, with drugs and alcohol, we'd have biofuels, ALREADY, since Henry Ford was making ethanol and plastic, out of HEMP, any time he was involved, in industry, so by the time he came out, with the Model T, 1908, his distributor caps were made of hemp plastic, and he intended his cars, to run on hemp-ethanol.

This is similar, to Rudolph Diesel, who intended his engines to run on hemp. Diesel disappeared, at sea, under suspicious circumstances, kind of like how FDR sold out the hemp ban and then suppressed all intel or alerts, at Pearl, after moving the Pacific Fleet, from San Diego.

Kind of like GW finding out how NYC would get attacked, so he suppressed intel sharing, by the FBI and CIA, so we ate 3400 dead, right away, and THEN GW lied, about how Saddam had WMDs, so he could get two wars going, including to privatize Iraq's oil.

GW and GWH Poppy bought big old ranch tracts, in Paraguay, above the Guarini Aquifer, 2005-6.

But do we have legal BUSH, yet? Nah. We have RWNJ types, fluffed up, by Obamney's carbon trading nonsense.

FYI: IF we had legal hemp AND subsidized biodiesel research, since the 1930s, we would NOT have an energy crisis, always jacking the price of everything else. Unlinked rants which project how much biodiesel we might might have a plain horse-crap. WE DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH BIODIESEL WE GET OR HOW WE GET ALL OF IT. When you do garbage-in, you get garbage-out, since the US imposed Prohibition, to doom the world economy, but make things sweet, for timber and oil.

But THEN, the US sold a hemp law, and now, the US promotes a drug war, by treaty and aid, which are inflationary, while 5% of the world's population houses 25% of the world's prisoners.

Tell you WHAT! We can't afford lousy NUKES and lousy cost-overruns, going into 2013. Heard of 2013? That is when we lower our expectations, quite a lot. Heard of expectations? Not so great, for nuclear power, pronounced "nukuler," by RWNJ types, who want to hustle mo money, there.

Pongamia links:



And then there is the research to convert newspapers into fuel - this time butane: