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George Zimmerman Arrested, Charged With 2nd Degree Murder
1. The photo is not of the Trayvon Martin who was killed.

Quote:Over the weekend, a picture began circulating that claimed to show Martin in a less-than-flattering light: shirtless, sagging pants, and giving the finger to the camera.

The image quickly circulated across blogs and websites, with many claiming it as evidence that Martin was not as innocent as family and supporters claimed, as well as alleging media bias.

There is one problem to that claim: the picture is not Trayvon Martin.

Or at the very least, he's not the one who made worldwide headlines after his death. The Facebook page the picture came from appears to belong to a different Trayvon Martin, whereas the image is nowhere to be found on the slain teen's profile.

2. Those aren't gang signs, they're two middle fingers.

3. Even if the photo was of him (which it's not) and even if those were "gang signs" (which they're not), that is no reason to judge the kid or to imply that he somehow deserved to be looked at as suspicious.

The message that that type of attitude conveys (fair or not) is that Trayvon "had it coming" or that he somehow is to blame for the circumstances that lead to his death. George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch person, not the police. The police told him to back off; he didn't. Trayvon Martin's father lives in that neighborhood. He had the right to be there, and he had the right - like everybody in this country has - to walk down the street without being confronted and harassed simply because he "looked" a certain way.

He also had the right to confront what he perceived as a stranger stalking him. Zimmerman put them both in that situation. If he had just let the kid walk home with his can of soda and his Skittles, or if he would have just waited for the police to come and check out the "suspicious" kid, none of this would have happened.

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