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Girl Banned From Prom for Confederate Flag Dress
(07-03-2012, 05:29 AM)CatholicCrusader Wrote: Its a battle flag. In the 80's the Japanese battle flag with the sun rays was all the rage. So Japanese battle flag is cool and an American battle flag is not? Banning things is WRONG. What's next: Banning Rosary beads because some homosexual is offended by Catholic teaching? How about banning Muslim head garb because of the hate that Wahhabis have?

Muslim women are not allowed to wear the Hijab in schools or in the workplace, in France. Why? They believe that everyone in schools should be equal, so that there is no hate due to different cultures.

I'm not talking about covering the whole face, btw. Just putting a scarf on your head is disallowed. What's next? Forcing Jewish and Muslim kids to eat pork at schools?


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