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Yes, I enjoy my "White Male Privilege" and intend on keeping it.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and just assume for the moment in this post that the typical leftist progressive is correct and there exists this thing called "White Male Privilege".

What progressives call "White Male Privilege" I call "Maximum Personal Autonomy" better known as "Liberty".

Does White Male Privilege allow me personally the maximum level of personal autonomy at the expense of the personal autonomy of blacks, women and other "minorities"? Perhaps it does...

Do I care?

Not a whit!

Why? Because "White Male Privilege" should it even exist.. is not synonomous with oppression.

Looking out for your own kind at the expense of "the other" is not oppression. It is the natural order of things.

We call this Rational Self Interest.

Now, since this "White Male Privilege" is said to exist, and is apparently in the progressive lexicon, one of the central core values of white male culture.

What ever makes you think that we would ever aquiece to democracy?

Progressives have this crazy idea that if they simply warp the democracy of the USA with enough imported leftists, by continuing to misplace black anger on the right wing, and by driving a wedge between women and men, that eventually.. the voting power of the white male as a block will be broken and the world can advance into utopia.

But, if this "White Male Privilege" thing is so central to white male culture and psychology.. what ever makes you think we wouldn't turn to non-democratic means of defending it once the democratic options have run out?

I never understood why the left always thinks that the white male will just lie down and accept "the verdict of democracy" rather than turn to other means en masse?

The left calls the right extremist, crazy, a danger to the country, yet you never fear to provoke us. Why would you poke a rabid dog with a stick and take food from his bowl leaving him hungry?

Sounds dangerous to me.

A lot of speculation on the left says that a right winger is behind the bombings at the Boston Marathon. If it is true, then I say the leftwing only has itself to blame for provoking the dog and thinking they can get away with it.

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