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George Zimmerman Arrested, Charged With 2nd Degree Murder
I'd prefer to not believe the media hype. Let the justice system run it's course.

And that photo tells me 2 things.

1. He's displaying gang signs.
2. He's not innocent little kid like all the pics of him in the media try to show you. Instead he's a full grown teen with a "gangsta thug" style.

If that kid was hanging in my neighborhood and I didn't recognize him I'd have called the police. I also have a neighborhood watch and we've patrolled locally and called the police on a couple occassions. Zimmerman did call the cops and imho that means he had legal intent to protect his neighborhood.

If that photo is not him that's fine but I have yet to see any current pictures of him. Most seemed to be him before he reached puberty. My 14 year just 3-4 years ago looked just like an innocent kid. But now he can easily look threatening to another adult with his stature. I completely discourage him from wearing any thug style clothes and 'sagging'. Hard to control how your kids act at the local playground too.

Quote:Apparently, the kid did confront him, and he has stuck with the story ever since.

And I believe him. Kids today are cocky little shits.

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