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George Zimmerman Arrested, Charged With 2nd Degree Murder
Someone with that attitude will obviously try to trigger a conflict or resist an individual with authority. That's how a typical thug would act.

According to the article, he got suspended for fighting with a bus driver, on the same day he got suspended.

[Image: uaa4E.jpg?1]
[Image: OXAjN.png?1]

BTW, I'm not saying this is true or siding with anyone, but I'm just trying to think in the way George Zimmerman is thinking. This is the same thing with Kony, we can't say that it's true that he forced people to join his army, because the media said it.

Also, I just listened to the 911 call, and what he's saying that make sense.

Quote:0:15 – The best address I can give you is the clubhouse. [A]
0:45 – He’s just staring at the houses. Now he’s staring at me.
1:00 – He’s coming towards me.
1:20 – He’s coming to check me out.
2:08 – Shit, he’s running.
2:14 – Sound of truck door being closed. [C]
2:20 – He’s heading towards the back entrance. [referring to E]
2:25 – Are you following him? Yep.
2:45 – He ran… Zimmerman stops and completes the 911 call. [E]
4:05 – Call ends.

I just posted an interesting thread related to the subject, if you want to check it out:
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