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Full Version: George Zimmerman Arrested, Charged With 2nd Degree Murder
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If you ask me, it's about time - way past time, actually. It sounds like Florida's 'stand your ground' law won't save him. No doubt he'll plea to a lesser charge, but as long as the justice system does its job, I'll be happy.


George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, faces a second-degree murder charge for shooting Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager in Sanford, Fla., the special prosecutor in the case announced Wednesday.

In a televised news conference, State Atty. Angela B. Corey outlined the charges in the case that has sparked national demonstrations calling for Zimmerman’s arrest.

“I can tell you we did not come to this decision lightly,” Corey told reporters. “We do not prosecute by public pressure.”

She said her office had filed information with the charge.

Zimmerman, who has maintained he acted in self-defense, was in custody, Corey confirmed, though she gave no details. He had been in hiding since the shooting after his family said he had received death threats.
I don't think he will plea and I think he has a chance with Stand Your Ground defense. Not because he's innocent in this but from my understanding of the law and these circumstances I don't see how it doesn't really apply. There were no witnesses. He seems to have stuck to his story from day one. Community outrage won't trump a strong legal defense.

I personally don't care. I think this is more of a local Florida matter and the whole thing is blown out of proportion by a nation bored with the GOP primary.

There is always at least one sensational story for the media to follow. This is the flavor of the week.
What it does is put a face on these types of laws, which the NRA is pushing nationally, and which are, in my opinion, quite dangerous. All one has to say is that they felt threatened and therefore felt that they needed to use deadly force. It ties the hands of law enforcement and puts citizens in danger of being on the wrong end of the gun of an irrational person who now thinks they have the law on their side.

He has no defense. He followed an unarmed person who was no threat to him; wouldn't back off after the police told him to; and provoked the incident that lead to Trayvon's death.
Well, I don't agree with what he did, but we have to see it on his point-of-view aswell.
  • The kid was not a local, and was never seen there
  • He was wearing a Hood. Hoodies always give the "thug" impression to me, even though I wear them.
  • One witness said Zimmerman was injured and bleeding then shot him dead, another said that the kid tried to approach him then gunned him down.

[Image: trayvonmartin-thumb-200x150.jpg]

Now, this the Facebook photo of the kid. This makes me think he confronted him. Propaganda, as usual, is making making a big deal of racism, when the shooter is a minority himself. It's not a "white man" that killed the "black man". He's Latin, white, but not the "European" type of white.

Killing him might've been extreme, but I'm not sure that the kid is not responsible.
That photo has already been debunked. It's not the same kid. Not that it matters. Even if it was him, that shouldn't be a reason to label somebody a thug. And the hoodie? What does that have to do with anything? A kid can't wear a hoodie without people suspecting him of being a troublemaker? Zimmerman followed the kid (stalked him, really). Trayvon didn't know who Zimmerman was or what he wanted. The instigator was Zimmerman.
Well, we don't know that for sure, really. But I agree with you.

However, about the hoodie. A hoodie is usually worn by thugs, so people get an impression that the people wearing it are thugs. I don't know if he would've had the same thoughts, had it been a white male wearing the hood, but in my opinion, he wouldn't have.

Apparently, the kid did confront him, and he has stuck with the story ever since.
I'd prefer to not believe the media hype. Let the justice system run it's course.

And that photo tells me 2 things.

1. He's displaying gang signs.
2. He's not innocent little kid like all the pics of him in the media try to show you. Instead he's a full grown teen with a "gangsta thug" style.

If that kid was hanging in my neighborhood and I didn't recognize him I'd have called the police. I also have a neighborhood watch and we've patrolled locally and called the police on a couple occassions. Zimmerman did call the cops and imho that means he had legal intent to protect his neighborhood.

If that photo is not him that's fine but I have yet to see any current pictures of him. Most seemed to be him before he reached puberty. My 14 year just 3-4 years ago looked just like an innocent kid. But now he can easily look threatening to another adult with his stature. I completely discourage him from wearing any thug style clothes and 'sagging'. Hard to control how your kids act at the local playground too.

Quote:Apparently, the kid did confront him, and he has stuck with the story ever since.

And I believe him. Kids today are cocky little shits.
1. The photo is not of the Trayvon Martin who was killed.

Quote:Over the weekend, a picture began circulating that claimed to show Martin in a less-than-flattering light: shirtless, sagging pants, and giving the finger to the camera.

The image quickly circulated across blogs and websites, with many claiming it as evidence that Martin was not as innocent as family and supporters claimed, as well as alleging media bias.

There is one problem to that claim: the picture is not Trayvon Martin.

Or at the very least, he's not the one who made worldwide headlines after his death. The Facebook page the picture came from appears to belong to a different Trayvon Martin, whereas the image is nowhere to be found on the slain teen's profile.


2. Those aren't gang signs, they're two middle fingers.

3. Even if the photo was of him (which it's not) and even if those were "gang signs" (which they're not), that is no reason to judge the kid or to imply that he somehow deserved to be looked at as suspicious.

The message that that type of attitude conveys (fair or not) is that Trayvon "had it coming" or that he somehow is to blame for the circumstances that lead to his death. George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch person, not the police. The police told him to back off; he didn't. Trayvon Martin's father lives in that neighborhood. He had the right to be there, and he had the right - like everybody in this country has - to walk down the street without being confronted and harassed simply because he "looked" a certain way.

He also had the right to confront what he perceived as a stranger stalking him. Zimmerman put them both in that situation. If he had just let the kid walk home with his can of soda and his Skittles, or if he would have just waited for the police to come and check out the "suspicious" kid, none of this would have happened.
Well, we don't know for sure. Just because a newspaper is claiming that, does not mean it's true.

Well, none of us were there, and none of us have the right to judge the situation based on the media. Maybe he was threatening him, maybe he acted violently towards him. Maybe he didn't deserve to die over that, but claiming that he is innocent himself, we don't know.

At one point in my life, I lived in France. Usually, there is a lot of racism towards the people of my country. However, because my attitude was not the same as those that act like thugs, I was not treated as badly by the police. All my friends that keep swearing in the metro, or dress in a thug-like manner all get random searched by the police and starred at by the people.

It's not necessarily about race. If a black male with a shirt and tie walked down, I doubt he would've been suspected as "someone up to no good".
Quote:Well, we don't know for sure. Just because a newspaper is claiming that, does not mean it's true.

Right. What makes it true is the fact that the pics posted on Facebook belong to another person named Trayvon Martin. Again, what do the pics (even though they are not of the kid who was killed) have to do with anything?
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