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Full Version: Are for-profit schools a scam?
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What do you think?
I think there is a lot of discussion about the educational loan crisis that's imminent. Those graduating college are in huge debt and there are no jobs for them. They will end up defaulting but the laws don't allow student loans to be part of bankruptcy.

So what will banks do? What will students do?

And I do think education costs are a rip off.
In Algeria, education is free and we even get a small education fund. The people of the USA should really try to overthrow this education loan system.
In India we have primary education free. That is till 10th grade. Education is completely free for girls.
Forreal? That's not good. There are a lot of less economically fortunate families in the countryside of India, and they can't afford school.

But then again, India seems to be a population full of intelligent people.
The people who's earnings are BPL [Below poverty line] get free education too. In that they include free food (School provides), free books, pencils, stationery and everything as a part of free education. There are many NGO for intelligent students who can't afford schooling.