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Full Version: George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin are both guilty
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What do you think? I mean, he beat the crap out of Zimmerman, but the media is making it a race thing.
The video you posted has been removed. Go ahead and describe what was on it, or find another copy of it, and repost.

As for your contention both are guilty, you are alleging "he beat the crap out of Zimmerman," when GZ's accounts are various, Martin is DEAD, and other witnesses' stories changed.

We know this:

1. GZ did not belong to any group, of watch-persons, but the national group for the US issues recommendations, how watch-persons should not:
a. carry firearms, or
b. apprehend subjects.

2. GZ ignored Dee Dee the dispatcher, who said, "We don't need you to do that," to exit his car, follow Martin, fail to identify himself, TWICE, fail to defuse the situation OR wait for SPD, which was on the way, and THEN, GZ shot Martin dead, without warning him or wounding him, with either his gun or his flashlight-keychain.

3. GZ told a lot of different, ambiguous accounts, how Martin attacked, but no wounds are on Martin's hands (forensic examiner), and no gunshot residue is on GZ's red jacket.

Excuuuuuse MEEEEE, but if Martin was on top of GZ, when GZ shot Martin, a lot of GSR would be all over GZ's red jacket.

Hey! GZ shot Martin, while standing, with the gun right up to Martin, since GZ was in some kind of hurry, to kill Martin, but since his motive is consistent, with murder 2, GZ isn't getting tried, for 1st degree murder, and since GZ was in a hurry, to kill somebody, and he lied and apparently fabricated his wounds, manslaughter is out.

This is a murder 2 case, with the feds watching, so nobody gets crazy, and lets GZ off. GZ's daddy was a Florida justice and the cops obviously messed up, to let GZ carry and go around, pretending he was some kind of cop. So Bill Lee got fired, properly.

GZ will probably do at least 20 years.