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Employment Plummets - Omniscient - 06-01-2012

Thanks Obama.


Quote:The economy created just 69,000 new jobs in May, down from 77,000 in April and 143,000 in March. The payroll gains were much less than the consensus estimate of 150,000. Worse, the payroll gains for April and March were cut by a total of 49,000 jobs. In a note to clients, Ian Shepherdson, chief U.S. economist of High Frequency Economics, summed up the report in three words: "This is horrible."

News stories all over the place today about how unemployment rose and that past 2 reports were adjusted to show that we have even less jobs than anticipated.

I'm an entrepreneur and I've had hundreds of employees in the past 15-20 years. I refuse to hire people now or start a new growth business because of taxes and uncertainty. I'm happy to be one man operation and scared to expand. Heck even if I wanted to I doubt that banks would give me favorable loans like I got in the 90's. Banks aren't lending. Businesses don't want to hire.

All this falls onto Obama.

RE: Employment Plummets - Cronus - 06-01-2012

Why don't you move to a country where you would not have these many burdens? For example Dubai, good weather, cheap lifestyle and no taxes (I know this from DaL33t, not sure if it's true).

RE: Employment Plummets - Omniscient - 06-01-2012

I do plan on becoming an expat eventually. Unsure where I will go yet. I'm just raising my kids now but once they're grown I'm probably leaving US for good.