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Bombshell at FOIA Hearing !

On June 3rd the 2nd FOIA HEARING TOOK PLACE IN Sandy Hook , CONNECTICUTT where Wolfgang Halbig is the plantiff He is a Nationally known School Safety Expert who has been investigating the many inconsistencies and unanswered Questions concerning the supposed Sandy Hook School Shooting has had all his FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Requests denied for two years. He finally had to file a lawsuit and subpoena witnesses. The first hearing took place on April 24 th. and it was the very definition of stonewalling and cover up. In the 2nd hearing some witnesses again ignored the subpoenas. All work orders after being completed have to be signed off on by the person performing the work and the Principle They had these signed documents through 2009 but still couldn't produce any signed completed work orders for the school after that . They were also unable to produce any documentation or knowledge of who supplied the porta-potties at the site , who did the BIO-HAZARD CLEANUP AT THE SITE OF THE SO-CALLED MASSACRE. and no one knew anything about the permission slips required for The Sandy Hook Choir to sing at the Super Bowl, in fact no one knew anyone who went on the trip and there was no mention of it at the last School Board Meeting before the trip. Also , Throughout the whole Sandy Hook Farce One thing has been consistent the MSM AND OR THE GOVERNMENT has denied any involvement by the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY even though there are several videos showing DHS Vehicles on site. Every indication points to the fact that Sandy Hook was indeed a DHS/FEMA CAPSTONE DRILL !
A BOMBSHELL was dropped when Mr. Halbig’s Attorney was questioning Newtown Official Selectman E. Patricia Llorda about the Electronic Flashing” Everyone Must Check In” Sign in front of the Sandy Hook Fire Station. When asked who put the sign there Ms.Llorda responded . “I believe HOMELAND SECURITY PUT IT THERE .”
Ms. Llorda was also asked about who had that SIGN IN SHEET associated with the sign and she had no knowledge of that. SO I GUESS DHS HAS THE SIGN IN SHEET.It looks like the coverup is going to continue, but that in itself speaks volumes. They now will be on record refusing to clarify the many glaring inconsistencies concerning this event or as most people refer to it A FEMA / HOMELAND SECURITY CAPSTONE DRILL! Both Hearings are online on youtube I would like your opinions and comments !

Video of the Bombshell 1 min. 24 sec. That’s going to expose everything !

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