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Don't believe what you read about job shortages in fields, conspiracy.
I am undercovering a great big conspiracy about what is said in colleges, on the internet, and advertised as industries with job shortages and where the job shortages actually are. I think colleges pay good money for lies to be spread about areas where job shortages supposedly are, when in reality there aren't the job shortages colleges claim. Colleges do this so they can get more students to enroll in these majors and milk more money out of gullible college students. It is one of the biggest conspiracies out there and I think not just the colleges are getting fat rich off the scam, but many of these websites online that write these "Alice in Wonderland" articles about job shortages in these majors and these are "great fields to major in" are getting very rich off these scams too.

Where I have discovered the jobs really are is Truck Driving, Factory jobs, hard physical labor jobs, dangerous jobs. Basically I got better luck thinking to myself what is a job "no one wants" that pays a living wage and taking it rather than wasting my time on these high demand "myth" jobs. Healthcare only shortage is nursing other healthcare areas people are having hard time getting jobs in and even nurses are skeptical about the actual nursing shortage out there. Hospitals in bad areas with a lot of violence and bad working conditions are hiring. Morticians and working with the dead is an area people can get a job easier in from what I have seen, no one wants to work with dead bodies for a living. However it is a guaranteed at least 30k a year with great benefits.

You will probably here the banter of job shortages in IT field, Education, Accounting, Medical, etc.  I have figured out in the years I have worked in many different fields the reality of where the jobs are and what you read online or hear at college is two different things. One of the biggest myths is a teacher shortage, especially high demand areas like Special Education... that is a flat out LIE. I got a degree and license in both mild and severe education as well as being "deemed highly qualified" all kinds of reference letters yet me and most of my classmates couldn't land teaching jobs. We could land slave labor jobs as subs or teacher aids. See they call you in for interviews tell you over 100 applied for this one teacher position and say if you don't get the job can you work as a as a sub for $50/day with no benefits.

Also worked in IT field. Lots of part time IT jobs out there with no benefits. Problem is your making more money working at Walmart full-time with benefits then taking that part-time IT job and the Walmart job is more stable, in IT they get rid of people constantly like a revolving door. Once you haven't had an IT job for 2 years it is like your IT degree, certifications and previous experience don't exist. Robert Half told me because that was over 2 years ago your IT degree and previous IT experience is meaningless and we can't use that at all to help you get an IT job, sorry. Only willing offer me a part-time $10/hr computer job over an hour away with no benefits. I told them no thanks and told them I took a work keys test and will take up the job offer I got working at a factory full time for $14/hour with great benefits instead of their part-time "IT" job offers.

I know a lot people with an "in-demand" accounting degree who can't even find employment as a a bookkeeper for $12/hr. 

The college myth and "high demand" banter is one of the biggest conspiracies out there and everyone promoting these "high demand" areas are getting filthy rich off of gullible students going in debt.

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